Ti Harmon Group

As a host and server at Irregardless Cafe, I can honestly say the job comes with many perks: friendly customers, helpful coworkers, a company philosophy of serving the community, and obviously amazing food anyone and everyone enjoys. One of my favorite parts of my job is enjoying the talented musicians who take the stage every night. With such a diverse and energetic lineup, Irregardless has become known as a destination for dinner and live music in Raleigh.

This Saturday, the Ti Harmon Group will be playing at the restaurant. I had the opportunity to chat with Ti and learn more about her background, performance style and inspirations. As an internationally acclaimed artist, Ti has produced multiple albums and won several awards. After graduating from NYU, Ti took her talents to Spain and France. We are now fortunate to have her in the Triangle, inspiring audiences with her fellow NC Central University Department of Music classmates.

Ti was born in Philadelphia, where she agrees there must be something in the water. Watching groups from her hometown such as The Roots, Patti LaBelle and Jill Scott succeed gave her hope to follow her dreams. As a child she would create melodies in her head, trying to find a way to record and communicate them, even before she knew how to write music. Her family introduced her to an eclectic range of artists, from Sara Vaughn and Billy Joel to Motown and Classical. She discovered Michael Jackson and was in love.

As she grew as an artist, Ti realized that music gave her a purpose. After performances people approach her to tell her how horrible their day was, but that her music lifted their spirits. “That makes me feel great,” she said, “like I am actually contributing something. That inspires me. Reaching people through the music, connecting to some sort of emotion, allows them to feel more human and makes me feel better.”

For her performance next Saturday, Ti says to expect a lot of percussion and rhythm, as the band will feature both a drummer and a percussionist. She’s looking forward to experiencing a new expression that comes along with that. Ti enjoys playing at Irregardless. “I like the community between everyone. Last time I was there I could tell the servers were enjoying the music and the patrons were dancing. There is a sense of community and festiveness. It’s not just a spectator performance.”

I speak for the entire staff when I say we’re looking forward to it too! Join us for dancing and a electrifying performance by the Ti Harmon Group, this Saturday at 9pm.

Written by Meredith Duncan,
Previous Irregardless Cafe Host and Server